The iPhone tiny
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The iPhone tiny

It might not be a Pro, but the iPhone 12 mini is Apple's best iPhone in three generations…
The iPhone tiny

It's been a month and a half since my iPhone 12 mini arrived, and I love it. The first thing you notice, which you'll know if you've read/watched/listened to, any reviews at all, is that this is a tiny iPhone.

Think iPhone 5S levels of small. In fact it's so similar to it's smaller breatheren that I instinctively reached for the power button on the top, where it hasn't been in at least three generations of iPhone. This phone is wonderfully sized, it fits in your hand and lets you reach all four corners, it doesn't feel like you're holding a tablet to your face on those rare occassions you make phone calls, and it's light, like, really light.

So this iPhone is tiny, I guess that's kind of obvious from the "mini" in the name, but what else—well it packs a great camera system, there's no telephoto lens (for that you have to go bigger and more expensive with the Pro line) but I've not missed it at all. Most of my iPhone photos are places that I wouldn't take my full frame camera; running, snowboarding, watersports etc

The thing this iPhone does really really well though, is low light photography, the first photo above was taken at night, and the last was taken at sunset, and both came out beautifully. Five years ago those would've been mainly noise, with a few bright spots where the lights reflected off the water, ok maybe that's a slight exageration, but these cameras are really nice.

As someone who's owned iPhones for over a decade now, I have more than a few charging bricks and cables, so Apple removing the power brick and headphones from the box did me a favor, though they could also have skipped that cable—a month and a half later and it's not left the box yet.

The entire contents of the iPhone 12 mini box…

So what else? Well this is the fastest iPhone yet, at least if you omit it's more powerful siblings in the iPhone 12 lineup, and it brings Face ID to the smaller form factor which is much needed (though honestly, Touch ID is sorely missed with all the face masks I'm wearing at the moment), and MagSafe charging is kind of magic—it wasn't often I'd miss-place the iPhone on the Qi charging pad, but when I did it was always a pain to wake up to a half-dead iPhone in the morning.

All in all it's a new iPhone, and if you're in the market for a new iPhone, and you like the smaller size, you'll love this phone. If you have the iPhone 11, there's not much here for you other than the smaller size, so if that doesn't appeal, you probably don't want to upgrade.

Finally if you're on a pre-iPhone 8 model, the cameras alone on this iPhone will be worth the upgrade, forgetting wireless charging, faster processors, and all the other countless features in the last four or five generations, those babies will make your heart happy*!

This is a great iPhone, and the best iPhone I've owned in a few generations, it's more usable, and that makes it more useful, which ultimately is why I own a smart phone in the first place.

The iPhone 12 mini in my hand for comparison

*phone cameras may not actually make your heart happy, it really depends on how much you like photos and the subjects of your photos…

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