Starting a Second Instagram Account
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Starting a Second Instagram Account

For kicks, and giggles, sure, but also, to see what the experience is like, and to avoid filling my main account with 1000s of the same type of photo.
Starting a Second Instagram Account

I recently started a second IG account for my drone photos, rather than flood my main feed with my new found love of looking straight down on everything…

On my recent winter camping trip I thought I'd give drone photography another go, and some of the shots came out, just… well let's just say I'm obsessed. I had a bunch of issues when I first got my drone, related to my flying it into a lake (don't do that kids, it's a terrible idea), and so this was only the third or fourth outing, and having finally figured out the settings, and found some incredibly picturesque spots, I got some fantastic images.

So that's the backstory, so why the second account?

It really came down to how many of these photos are super similar—I find drone photos captivating, but I don't want my entire feed to be snowy drone photos for the next three months, and yet, I still want to share them.

Instagram has been gradually pushing multiple accounts more and more in recent months (presumably to keep the trajectory of their growth going, as they become an increasingly late-stage company), and I've been curious about running a second account, probably with a photography focus, but I wasn't sure what specifically I'd share.

Enter "Chris flies drones"

We'll see how this goes—I've posted 6 of the dozen or so shots from today to get the account started, so I've got content for a week or two, but I'd be surprised if it takes me that long to get out and snap a few more frames.

I'll drop an update on here in a few months with how it's going, and maybe I'll think about adding some drone-related feature to LensHood, the iPhone App I'm building.

In case you're interested, I'm shooting these on the smallest none FPV (TL;DR FPV are harder to fly) drone you can find the Mavic Mini, if you're interested in picking up a drone, look at either that or the Mavic Mini 2—they're both great drones, though the 2 is the updated verison with a little more "oommph".

So yeah, a new IG account: chrisfliesdrones, let's see how this goes.

As ever, don't forget to sign up for behind-the-scenes content, and updates on how the App is going at

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