Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, is no way to begin a sales pitch, but sometimes it's best to start with what you have…

I assume you're here to hear—or at least, read about—how I can help you. Well historically I've done a lot building both web and iPhone apps, which you can read a bit about in my bio, but that doesn't answer the question; why me?

It comes down to three things:

  1. I have the practical, academic, and technical experience to help you build software that will help your business succeed (which is also the answer to; why not Upwork/Elace/
  2. I've written a lot of software. 100s of thousands of lines, in 4, 5, 6(?) programming languages, and if you want to take payments, there's only one continent I've not done that on (spoiler; it's Antartica)
  3. I have an MBA—which is a postgraduate degree where you spend a lot of time realizing how little you know about the world of business and learning from some really smart course-mates. It also helps with contacts, and humility.
  4. Bonus: I speak English English, y'know, the one that started this whole sorry mess. I'm told it's endearing.

Still reading? Unconvinced? Get in touch and let's discuss why we should work together…

Oh, and the "two year's since taking a new client" thing? I moved countries, and well, visas… glad that's sorted now!

Some FAQs, that haven't actually been asked…

Do you have experience with [insert your particular hosting/publishing platform]?
Probably; Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Compute, DigitalOcean, Shopify, Squarespace, Wordpress, Ghost, Gatsby, Perch etc… I'm sure there's some I'm forgetting as well.

What about working with [insert your type of business]?
It's hard to compile a list, but, yes, probably. If you're looking for an internal web-app for a Fortune 500, or a website to launch your startup or business online for the first time—I've done both before and probably some things I'll suggest you avoid doing (side note; hosting websites in China is hard, that'd be on the list of things to think carefully before doing, that and dealing with Argentine banks).

I just need a quick iPhone App, is that something you can help with?
Honestly, probably not. I've yet to find the secret sauce to a "quick" iPhone App—they just take more work to get built and live than a website does (but also solve quite different problems), not to drive you to someone else's sales funnel but have a play with this site and see if you can get < $10k for an app:

So do you not do iPhone Apps?
Noooo… I love building iPhone Apps. I've started building one for myself and publishing the videos on YouTube if you're interested in seeing how I go about it—you should just be aware they're expensive to develop.

Do you work with clients in [x]?
Probably. Unless you're in a country on the US sanctions list, we can work together—most of my experience has been with UK, European, Canadian, and US companies (though there was one client in Brazil…). I'm particularly interested in working with folks who are local(ish) to Boston, so NYC, Philly, DC, and the rest of the Northeast, maybe one day we'll be able to meet in person (though I also enjoy flying so basically all of North America becomes "local").

Can I see a list of past clients?
No, that's a bit tricky. Some of them have gone bust, a lot of them have rebranded, and some of them are under NDA, which means I'd be linking you to a lot of places that wouldn't be my work. It also wouldn't tell you much about what I'm like to work with—the best proxy for that is a Zoom call, which I'd be happy to arrange…